5 Star Room Service

5 Star Room Service

Steak & a Smile

As there continues to be a no communal dinning order in place, our residents were treated to a 5 star room service dinner complete with a juicy steak. The past few weeks have been harder than most and we wanted to find a way to spread some love. I mean food is a love language of its own… right? The leadership team dressed up in black and white attire as they delivered room service to residents. Steak, twice backed potatoes, steamed carrots, house salad, homemade dinner roll and to top it off a glass of wine and homemade cheese cake for dessert.

As classical music echoed the halls residents were delighted to see their dinner roll down their hallways.

“And now I dine,” remarked one of the residents as she sat down to eat her noon meal. Many of them dressed up for the occasion. I think it is safe to say no one was hungry.

We would like to thank Central Market for providing us with some niece cuts of Sirloin Steak for our dinner today.

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