Friendship Continues In the Midst of Everything

Community Living at Pelican Landing

Friendship Continues In the Midst of Everything

These two have created quite a friendship over the last couple months. On nice days you see them walking the loop with a safe distance around Pelican Landing. So no, they haven’t been able to enjoy a nice glass of wine at Pelican Pub, but they are making their days count.

Diane and Jeannette meet right here at Pelican Landing. They said they never run out of things to talk about. When asked what their favorite thing about Pelican Landing was Diane promptly responded, “It’s the people here. Everyone is so nice.” Jeanette chimed in and said, “Well yes that and the food!”

Relationships are so important and very much valued here and Pelican Landing. Don’t forget to foster the good ones you have in your life.

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