Scott Ottum a family member of one of your memory care residents wrote…


On behalf of myself, my sister and our significant others we want to thank you and your entire staff at Pelican Landing for all of your compassion, care and love you constantly give our Mother as a resident of your memory care unit.


We had our Mother in a very well known care facility for approximately 3 years in Fargo prior to moving her to Pelican Landing.  During that time when she was in Fargo we learned a tremendous amount on how care and compassion translates to the well being, happiness and overall health of our Mother.


The positive change we have experienced in our Mother since moving her to Pelican Landing cannot adequately be put into words.  That tremendous improvement can only be attributed to the professional staff that Pelican Landing employ’s.  They all excel in their specific responsibilities and pass that enthusiasm and compassion on to ALL the residents they care for.  We have seen and experienced this interaction with all the residents every time we visit.  It is like a euphoric happiness amongst the residents and staff.


Since moving Mom to Pelican Landing she has repetitively asked us “I don’t have to leave here do I?  Everyone here is SO nice!”  Knowing our Mother that is priceless!


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